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Lung Cancer Team

UF Lung Cancer Center unites experts for patient-focused care

Gary Love had been retired two years when he first noticed the strange, draining feeling in his head. He went to the doctor, thinking it was a sinus infection. It […]


It’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

It’s never too late to kick a bad habit, and smoking is no exception. Cigarette smoke contains toxic and cancer-causing chemicals that can lead to many serious diseases and conditions, […]


UF researchers find quiet protein speaks loudly in fight against cancer

When a movie character says, “It’s too quiet,” that’s usually a sign something bad may happen. Now, University of Florida researchers have discovered that when variations of a certain protein […]

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The UF Lung Cancer Program brings together expert UF physicians who are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung, esophagus and chest wall cancers. Each case is considered by the thoracic surgeon and a group of physicians in radiology, medical oncology, pathology, pulmonary medicine, and specialists in the use of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Team members utilize the latest innovative technology and provide extensive treatment options, including video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), muscle-sparing surgery, minimally invasive surgery, endobronchial ultrasound, interventional bronchoscopy and sterotaxic radiotherapy.

UF Lung Cancer News & Events

LUNG CANCER SCREENING at the University of Florida at Shands

Lung cancer is the number 1 cancer killer in the U.S. Screening and early detection of lung cancer offers the best chance to detect lung tumors that are smaller, more […]

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UF physician, colleagues identify successful blood cancer therapy

A new treatment regimen can help some patients who have blood cancer to live disease-free longer, University of Florida researchers and colleagues have found. Low doses of a drug called lenalidomide...

Targeting tumors may help stop spread of breast, other cancers

Cancer that has spread from the site of an original tumor to other places in the body is often viewed as a death sentence. But if there are just a few of those secondary tumors, called metastases,...

$10 million Wells Foundation gift will enable UF to speed brain tumor remedies

A $10 million gift from the Lillian S. Wells Foundation Inc. to the University of Florida department of neurosurgery will help medical scientists better understand the causes of brain tumors and lead...